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So I have been away for a while. I just got too busy to really post something and I notice that most bloggers tend to post a lot of stuff every day (or at least once a day). I had a few friends and a blogger that I respect point out that this site is really a waste just sitting here doing nothing. I have been encouraged to at least post once a week. Hey this is my blog and I should do it because I like it not because I feel the need to keep up with other bloggers. So I have been spending time thinking about what I wanted to post about and then I heard this:


“All of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio, and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do,” -President Barack Obama

After taking a moment to wonder how he could say that statement with 10 tons of Irony sitting on his chest, (MSNBC, Daily Kos, Ed Shultz, Al Sharpton, Media Matters, anyone?) I realized he was talking about me. I am a blogger, albeit one on inactive duty, and I have written some unkind things about our President in the past. I was shocked to learn that my freedom of speech has prevented him from performing the basics of his job.

Here is a man that was touted as the bringer of fire from Olympus to light our way out of the darkness spread across the land by W. He was smart, articulate and clean (thanks to Biden for pointing out that last one). Hope and change for everyone! Instead he turns out to be so thin skinned that he makes a hemophiliac look like the Man of Steel. The media has deemed him so precious that he must be protected from all bumps and bruises of the real world. The Secret Service protects him well from the sticks and stones, but by golly words sure do hurt him.

Imagine that hordes of unwashed bloggers are the ones that ground the government to a halt as he stood helplessly by. His only choice was to thrash about knocking stuff off his desk like some spoiled child who was just told that we could not afford to upgrade him to the next iPhone and to be happy with the perfectly good one we just bought him. Seriously the “shutdown” didn’t really hurt anyone, but he darn well made sure that it would be aggravating.

You see the government wasn’t really shutdown. I can prove it to everyone of you, well to the ones that are fortunate to have a job. Take a look at your paycheck you received yesterday. Did they take Federal Tax out of your check? I will wait…..

Oh they did? Well guess what amigo? The government was still up and running. Listen I know I am going to make some of my friends mad about this next statement because I have a few that work for the government. The only folks that were really hurt by the shutdown were those that Federal Government deemed “Non-essential”. If you worked for the Federal Government and was sent home during the shutdown your employer picked you because you are not necessary to run the functions of government. I hope you took the time off to figure out how many part time jobs you will need to replace your check.

That sounds harsh, and I am sorry. Something everyone must understand is that we will reach a point where all of this government will be unsustainable. You have been put on notice that you will be the first to go as they attempt to save the bloated carcass. That should scare the bejezzus out of you.

Here is the thing. No amount of blaming bloggers, radio talk show hosts, the Koch Brothers, Hailburton or the left’s boogyman du jour will change that fact. However I will be happy to accept the blame if it makes Barry feel better. There is nothing I hate more than seeing a grown man whine, especially if he occupies the office of the most powerful nation on the planet.

So welcome to the Thunderdome. Remember 2014 is listening and will take the first one that screams.


The election is now over and the institutional scab picking now begins. The consensus that is coming out of the media is that the Republicans lost the election because of their focus on social issues. Being against abortion, gay marriage and evolution was the nail in the coffin. This idea is not just coming from the finger wagers on the left who are more than happy to equate the Republican views on social issues (and those that hold them) with knuckle dragging Neanderthals, but from some folks on the right as well.  One of my favorite talks show hosts, Neal Boortz, almost daily nails home the idea that a mindless obsession with abortion cost the election. He shares this idea with one of my favorite folks on the left, Wil Wheaton, who seems to make almost every other one of his Tumblr posts about this issue.

However, I disagree that it was the social ideas of either party that won or lost this election. Social issues were a smokescreen to cover the true reason for the outcome of this election. The election was about getting free stuff. All this social issue stuff was just the cover to make someone feel noble. Saying you voted for Obama because you wanted to stand up for the rights of women, gays or minorities makes you feel better about voting because you wanted free stuff. Republicans were offering some free stuff but not nearly what the Democratic Party was. When you have someone saying that they are not going to pay for your stuff verses someone who says they will pay for your stuff no matter what (and don’t worry about how we are going to pay for it) you can’t beat that.

Some of you may be saying, “Derek, you are wrong. The Republicans hate women and gays and blacks and the poor. They wanted to take away their rights and steal their money to fund wars. I care about the debt and the economy but someone needs to help those people. So I voted on the social issues to help them.” My answer to that is, “Liar.”

You see there was a party out there, The Libertarian Party, that promised nearly all the same things that Democrats claim to support socially. They are for abortion, gay marriage, legalizing drugs and for pulling out of all these wars and never going into another one unless we are attacked. The Libertarian Party received less than 1% of the vote. They promised all the social issues that the Democrats claim to care so passionately about, with the notable exception that you still have to be fiscally responsible. You didn’t vote for them because even though they said you can have all the drugs, abortion or gay marriage you want you just have to pay for them yourselves. They were rejected in droves. They didn’t offer the free stuff and that was the only difference between them and the Democrats.

That is the problem. If all those that tell me that you voted Democrat because of the social issues really believed that we also need to fix our national debt and huge budget deficits you would have voted Libertarian. However, since the Democrats promised the social issue jackpot as well as promising to do nothing substantial about our debt while promising to keep checks going out to everyone on the government life support system, you voted for that. Social issues are a fine thing, and we can debate them all we want, but if we collapse as a country because of debt we will not be around to discuss them.

So there it is. You can’t vote against the guy giving free stuff. As I saw one of my Democratic friends say, “Don’t vote against your own self interest.” So here is my advice to the Republican Party, give up. If you have enough money and can do it then go ahead and pull a John Galt and take the ball and go home. Get out now before you are drained dry. Now to all the others that cannot do that I suggest you do what I call a Reverse-Galt. There is still some borrowed money left in the system, so latch on and suck out as much as you can and squirrel it away. Crash the system so we can start over before they can mold it into a system that only keeps the body politic alive but brain dead and we cannot escape it.

That way it will be hard to promise free stuff when there is no stuff left to be free.

Since my main theory is nobody pays attention to anything you say on the internet unless you can put it in a picture with witty comments I have come up with one to support the Moore-Simmons Act. For those who remember my proposal is that Congress give one of President Obama’s ideas a try and raise taxes on the rich. However he needs to prove that the strategy of raising taxes on the rich will not ultimately harm the economy, so I suggest that he start with the Entertainment Industry. Raise the rate of the millionairs and billionairs who make over $250,000 a year that work in movies, television and music as well as any group that profits from them, to 75%. That way if it doesn’t ruin the industry then it would be ok to roll it out to others and if it destroys the industry then we really haven’t lost anything.

So I named the Act for two of the greatest champions of the poor and downtrodden we have known, Michael Moore and Russell Simmons. It is hard to argue against raising taxes on the rich when you have two men that waste their wealth on gold toilets and stuffing his gullet say that they are willing to pay more, but only if the government forces them to. Feel free to borrow this ad and pass it around.

In Principle

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Frustration
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Well the election is tomorrow and this will be the last thing you see me post anything political until after the results on Tuesday. There have been a lot of topics and discussion on it and to me the election boils down to two choices.

1. Do we believe in the responsibility of the individual.

2. Do we believe in the responsibility of the collective.

You see I believe in a limited government that sticks to the roles laid out for it in the Constitution of the United States. I believe that charity should flow from the individual to those in need instead of forced by the government.  I am wary and suspicious of anyone who thinks that government is the answer to our problems and should act as the great equalizer and righter of wrongs. One of my favorite quotes from an awesome book by Frank Herbert illustrates this point.

  In my estimation, more misery has been created by reformers than by any other force in human history. Show me someone who says, “Something must be done!” and I will show you a head full of vicious intentions that have no other outlet. What we must strive for always! is to find the natural flow and go with it.- Heretics of Dune

It comes down to forced control in the name of the greater good. I am amazed at how the very same people that want government to stay out of their bedrooms want government to regulate their kitchens. I fear those that want government to provide the basics of life and do not understand the price that must be paid for them. Yes there are some good things in Obamacare and there are people that will be helped by it, but does the short term benefit outweigh the long term cost? Does free healthcare now when it is abundant worth the price that necessary rationing of it when supply is low will create? Have we become just short sighted animals that are only concerned with the next meal or rut session instead of long term longevity? There are those that tell me that Free Government Medical care will works. Somehow that same government that gave us FEMA and the TSA, that gave bailouts to banks that used the money to pay bonuses to the folks that ran the banks into the ground, that backed companies that immediately took the money and filed for bankruptcy, will do a better job of administering the industry at literally has our life in their hands will somehow do a better job of it.

I am amazed at how I am told that the religious among us want to force morality on the masses yet assure me that government legislating morality for the masses is a good thing. The religious maxims of feed the poor and help the needy are evil yet EBT and Section 8 are good things.

Legendary comic book artist Steve Ditko, who was famous for drawing Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, The Question and a few other great characters) wrote and drew a 4 page comic called “In Principle” where he illustrates that folly of letting government (or any other group with unchecked power) decides to help someone.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images and am not profiting from them whatsoever.



You see government enforced charity isn’t charity at all. It is ultimately the death sentence of freedom.

So when you vote tomorrow understand that you are voting for either individual responsibility for yourself and the perils that come with it or the collective responsibility and the perils that come with that. Remember that there was a time in this country where there was a group of people, that by law, had to have basic shelter, food, clothing and medical care provided for them no more and no less. They were called slaves.

Vote for freedom.

What I have been noticing is that nothing seems important anymore unless you put it out there in a meme. For those that don’t know what a meme is it is basically where you take a picture and attach a witty snippet to it and then others take the same picture and put their own spin on it.

In this political season I am starting to get the suspicion that folks have photos pre-staged and wait until a candidate says something to release them. What I have discovered is this does two things.

1. It reduces peoples knowledge of a particular subject to bumper sticker thickness.

2. It allows people to say some of the dumbest and cruelest things about other human beings but be ok because it is funny.

Well recently on Facebook I have been trying to post some serious stuff, but it doesn’t seem to generate much interest. I am by nature a funny guy and when I try to be serious it tends to not get noticed. Then I realized my problem is I would just post in text and nobody has time to read text and think about it so I came up with the idea to post my stuff in meme form. The best meme to use is anything with cute animals.

Here is one I posted about our country’s deficits:


See the cuteness of the kitten softens the blow of the crippling debt we are facing thanks to the current administration.

Here is one showing a recent look at what the victims of Hurricane Sandy are having to endure:


Again the juxtaposition of the horrors of human beings trying to survive by searching grocery store dumpsters is offset by the cuteness of puppies wondering why they would get in trouble for digging through the trash but humans will not.

Here is something I expect the Occupy crowd to pick up and run with. A little current event of the creator and destroyer of Star Wars, George Lucas and his recent good move to sell his company to the Walt Disney Corp.:


See the cute kitten is reacting to the blatant hypocrisy of Lucas.

So if you want to be heard and people to pay attention to what you say, just put it in a snappy meme. Include pictures of baby animals, cute kids making funny faces, and any other number of creative things you can find on the internets. Slap them together, up load them to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and then snark away!

Who knows you may be the next meme hit and one step away from moving on to more advanced viral YouTube videos.

More Random Rants

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Ok I will admit I am being a bit lazy. I really need to sit down and compose something on just one subject, but then again these are fun too.

I will admit that Obama does have at least 3 years foreign policy experience. However does being bad at something really something to brag about?

If you made a movie about the Prophet Mohammed being a swell guy and rescuing puppies from a burning building they would still riot.

I went to church three times this week. Not a single sermon about killing folks that disagree with what we believe. Maybe it will be different this Sunday.

Newsflash for the State Department: Marines work best when you add ammo.

Excuse me General Amos, Commandant of my beloved Marine Corps. Have you stopped teaching our Marines about Beirut 1983? You should tell the State Department to go to hell the next time they tell your Marines to walk around our embassies unloaded. Shame on you!

I hate having to make the choice between getting a haircut and buying a new box of 5.56

Saw a photo from when I was back in high school. I actually said “Hey they are drinking a Pepsi Throwback.” I completely forgot that back then Pepsi Throwback was just called Pepsi.

For the record Pepsi Throwback is awesome. I can barely drink a regular Pepsi now.

If anyone thinks that all that happened in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, etc. is over some stupid movie are morons and should have all sharp objects taken from them so they don’t hurt themselves.

I got 100 bucks that says all the computers that were looted from the embassies are right now in the hands of Iranian Intelligence. Either that or they are gold farming World of Warcraft accounts.

I bet whomever is selling rocks to protesters over in the middle east are making a killing right now.

I bet it is going to be embarrassing when Muslims go to wherever it is they go to when they die and Mohammed tells them “Jews? No I said to hate shoes. Why else did I tell you to throw them at people you don’t like?”