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So there has been a lot of ruckus in the news cycle (or lack there of depending on what side you are on) about the whole Plan Parenthood videos. I have kept my opinions on the subject to a minimum because everyone that knows me pretty much knows where I stand on the issue of abortion. For those of you just joining me I am against it with the exception of a very, very narrow set of circumstances. No, I do not want to share what they are but even in those circumstances I find the end result to be heartbreaking.

I have noticed that no matter what side you are on the issue you quickly lose the ability to understand why the other side is for/against it. I can understand that if you do not believe that life begins at conception or at the very least heartbeat that you just think of it as tissue or a benign tumor and have not problem surgically removing it. I also understand why you would think it silly for folks to clutch their pearls and get all huffy about the issue. It doesn’t make those folks stupid, dumb, ignorant or some sort of woman hating monsters trying to force their religion on you.

I can also understand those that believe that an abortion is essentially ripping a part a tiny human in the most horrific way possible is wrong and think that those who think this is a good thing are nothing but ghoulish monsters who cant wait to bathe in the blood of the innocent. It doesn’t make those folks horrid, godless, or heartless.

I am also perplexed about the calls to defund Planned Parenthood. I am even more perplexed that a private non-profit group that charges for its services and makes money off of selling products based on a result of their services and received millions in private donations is receiving any government our money.

No one has been able to justify to me why they should get tax payer dollars (feel free to try in the comments). I really do not understand why any private non-profit would or should receive any public money no matter what they do (again please feel free to try below). I do not understand how the government can pick and choose which one gets the money and which one doesn’t. You may say it is because of the donations they make to hookers politicians election funds, but there are plenty of private non-profits that do the same but do not get to suck at the teat of government largess.

However the damage is done and Planned Parenthood will continue to get cash to keep doing what half the country thinks is morally repugnant. That is the way it works. Once something receives government funds the chances of it stopping is about the same as me winning this week’s Powerball (which is zero because I don’t play Lotto). So all the cries to de-fund Planned Parenthood will be useless and a waste of energy.

Now, before you get all upset I do have a solution. That is what I do for a living after all. I live to provide solutions to problems and in this case I have come up with a solution worthy of King Solomon himself.

Instead of taking the money away from Planned Parenthood we just link their funding to a similar group. Planned Parethood is a private non-profit, that provides services to a community, charges for their services and makes money off a result of their services and receives millions in private donations. If they also receive taxpayer money then it is crony capitalism at its finest! So, we should just find a private non-profit that at least half the country finds morally repugnant and give them an equal amount of money.

That organization is the National Rifle Association. Think about it, giving an equal amount of federal money to both organizations would go a long way to calming things down. Is this the best solution? Nope. However I learned a long time ago you can not make everyone equally happy but you sure as heck can make everyone equally miserable. From what I understand the NRA currently does not receive taxpayer dollars (if they do it is nowhere near the amount Planned Parenthood does.) It is a simple and elegant solution. Those on the right hate Planned Parenthood and see it as their sacred mission to destroy this godless blight on our national soul and those on the left hate the NRA and see it as their sacred mission to destroy this godless (or whatever they believe in) stain our national soul. Both sides get to keep doing that but the reality of that never happening will be secure.

See everyone is happy, or not. I don’t really care. Abortion is wrong and you will never make me see it any different. You may think it is ok and nothing I will say will ever make you change that. I understand that and accept that. Just don’t ask me to pay for your thing and I won’t ask you to pay for mine. You believe in Planned Parenthood or the NRA then give your money to it and do not demand that I give mine. It doesn’t mean that I hate women or that you are heartless. It is just the way things work.

So fully embrace crony capitalism and support the Planned Parenthood-National Rifle Association Spending Bill. Call your congresshookerman and tell them to fund both organizations fully and equally. Bipartisan and all of that.

(For the record I also do not support the NRA. I have my reasons and no I am not going to share those either.)


The election is now over and the institutional scab picking now begins. The consensus that is coming out of the media is that the Republicans lost the election because of their focus on social issues. Being against abortion, gay marriage and evolution was the nail in the coffin. This idea is not just coming from the finger wagers on the left who are more than happy to equate the Republican views on social issues (and those that hold them) with knuckle dragging Neanderthals, but from some folks on the right as well.  One of my favorite talks show hosts, Neal Boortz, almost daily nails home the idea that a mindless obsession with abortion cost the election. He shares this idea with one of my favorite folks on the left, Wil Wheaton, who seems to make almost every other one of his Tumblr posts about this issue.

However, I disagree that it was the social ideas of either party that won or lost this election. Social issues were a smokescreen to cover the true reason for the outcome of this election. The election was about getting free stuff. All this social issue stuff was just the cover to make someone feel noble. Saying you voted for Obama because you wanted to stand up for the rights of women, gays or minorities makes you feel better about voting because you wanted free stuff. Republicans were offering some free stuff but not nearly what the Democratic Party was. When you have someone saying that they are not going to pay for your stuff verses someone who says they will pay for your stuff no matter what (and don’t worry about how we are going to pay for it) you can’t beat that.

Some of you may be saying, “Derek, you are wrong. The Republicans hate women and gays and blacks and the poor. They wanted to take away their rights and steal their money to fund wars. I care about the debt and the economy but someone needs to help those people. So I voted on the social issues to help them.” My answer to that is, “Liar.”

You see there was a party out there, The Libertarian Party, that promised nearly all the same things that Democrats claim to support socially. They are for abortion, gay marriage, legalizing drugs and for pulling out of all these wars and never going into another one unless we are attacked. The Libertarian Party received less than 1% of the vote. They promised all the social issues that the Democrats claim to care so passionately about, with the notable exception that you still have to be fiscally responsible. You didn’t vote for them because even though they said you can have all the drugs, abortion or gay marriage you want you just have to pay for them yourselves. They were rejected in droves. They didn’t offer the free stuff and that was the only difference between them and the Democrats.

That is the problem. If all those that tell me that you voted Democrat because of the social issues really believed that we also need to fix our national debt and huge budget deficits you would have voted Libertarian. However, since the Democrats promised the social issue jackpot as well as promising to do nothing substantial about our debt while promising to keep checks going out to everyone on the government life support system, you voted for that. Social issues are a fine thing, and we can debate them all we want, but if we collapse as a country because of debt we will not be around to discuss them.

So there it is. You can’t vote against the guy giving free stuff. As I saw one of my Democratic friends say, “Don’t vote against your own self interest.” So here is my advice to the Republican Party, give up. If you have enough money and can do it then go ahead and pull a John Galt and take the ball and go home. Get out now before you are drained dry. Now to all the others that cannot do that I suggest you do what I call a Reverse-Galt. There is still some borrowed money left in the system, so latch on and suck out as much as you can and squirrel it away. Crash the system so we can start over before they can mold it into a system that only keeps the body politic alive but brain dead and we cannot escape it.

That way it will be hard to promise free stuff when there is no stuff left to be free.