About the man behind all the awesome!

Derek Collins is a husband and father in Jacksonville, FL. He is the rarest of all species, a native Floridian. He has a wonderful wife (Amy) and four wonderful boys (Liam, Evan, James and Logan)

Over the years he has been a United States Marine, a low level corporate lackey, a union stooge and most recently a spectacularly failed business man.

He is a born again Christian but has had his ups and down with his faith. Recently he has rededicated his life to the Lord and serves Him with no hesitation.

He is conservative in his political views. It says Republican on his voter card, but he thinks more like an Independent.

He loves to teach others and cannot seem to do that without using humor. Blame his dry wit and love of sarcasm on the British comedies he would watch on PBS while growing up. He is a child of the 80’s which was by far the most totally awesome decade ever (hey it was the decade of Reagan after all)

He hopes you enjoy his blog. He encourages comments that lavish praise on his writing and even ones that disagree with him. So feel free to leave a comment or send an email

So be awesome!

  1. Your Majesty says:

    From one awesometificamerican to another…you’re welcome.

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