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Posted: January 24, 2013 in Frustration
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A man brings his pet monkey into the vet. The monkey had received a serious injury to its tail. The vet examined the monkey and sadly shook his head. “I am afraid we are going to have to amputate the tail.”

The owner, with tears in his eyes, authorized the vet to amputate the tail. The vet’s assistant took the monkey into the back and prepped it for surgery. The owner went to the lobby and sat down.

While waiting in the lobby the man hears a loud shout and a horrific screech, then silence. A moment later more shouting and shrieking then more silence. Then again louder shrieking and more shouting. The man could not stand it. He got up and barged his way into the operating room.

The sight that greeted him was horrific. There was blood everywhere. The vet was panting heavily and covered with scratches. His beloved monkey as huddled on top of a cabinet in fright and obviously bleeding to death.

“What on earth is going on! What have you done to my monkey! This is not how you treat an animal!”, the now distraught owner yelled at the vet.

The vet assumed a very superior air and addressed the angry man.

“You obviously know nothing about the veterinary sciences. Cutting a tail off of a monkey is a very painful and traumatic procedure. If you just lop it off you can cause severe harm to the monkey. So I elected to just cut off the tail an inch at a time until the full amputation is complete.”

So please feel free to insert whatever metaphor you wish in the comments below.


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