My Ad for Moore-Simmons Act

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Since my main theory is nobody pays attention to anything you say on the internet unless you can put it in a picture with witty comments I have come up with one to support the Moore-Simmons Act. For those who remember my proposal is that Congress give one of President Obama’s ideas a try and raise taxes on the rich. However he needs to prove that the strategy of raising taxes on the rich will not ultimately harm the economy, so I suggest that he start with the Entertainment Industry. Raise the rate of the millionairs and billionairs who make over $250,000 a year that work in movies, television and music as well as any group that profits from them, to 75%. That way if it doesn’t ruin the industry then it would be ok to roll it out to others and if it destroys the industry then we really haven’t lost anything.

So I named the Act for two of the greatest champions of the poor and downtrodden we have known, Michael Moore and Russell Simmons. It is hard to argue against raising taxes on the rich when you have two men that waste their wealth on gold toilets and stuffing his gullet say that they are willing to pay more, but only if the government forces them to. Feel free to borrow this ad and pass it around.


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