More Random Rants

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ok I will admit I am being a bit lazy. I really need to sit down and compose something on just one subject, but then again these are fun too.

I will admit that Obama does have at least 3 years foreign policy experience. However does being bad at something really something to brag about?

If you made a movie about the Prophet Mohammed being a swell guy and rescuing puppies from a burning building they would still riot.

I went to church three times this week. Not a single sermon about killing folks that disagree with what we believe. Maybe it will be different this Sunday.

Newsflash for the State Department: Marines work best when you add ammo.

Excuse me General Amos, Commandant of my beloved Marine Corps. Have you stopped teaching our Marines about Beirut 1983? You should tell the State Department to go to hell the next time they tell your Marines to walk around our embassies unloaded. Shame on you!

I hate having to make the choice between getting a haircut and buying a new box of 5.56

Saw a photo from when I was back in high school. I actually said “Hey they are drinking a Pepsi Throwback.” I completely forgot that back then Pepsi Throwback was just called Pepsi.

For the record Pepsi Throwback is awesome. I can barely drink a regular Pepsi now.

If anyone thinks that all that happened in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, etc. is over some stupid movie are morons and should have all sharp objects taken from them so they don’t hurt themselves.

I got 100 bucks that says all the computers that were looted from the embassies are right now in the hands of Iranian Intelligence. Either that or they are gold farming World of Warcraft accounts.

I bet whomever is selling rocks to protesters over in the middle east are making a killing right now.

I bet it is going to be embarrassing when Muslims go to wherever it is they go to when they die and Mohammed tells them “Jews? No I said to hate shoes. Why else did I tell you to throw them at people you don’t like?”


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