Random Rants

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was going to go protest the Egyptian embassy over what happened yesterday, but the only buildings I know of in our country that look like the pyramids are in Vegas and I don’t think that is where their embassy is at.

Anyone remember that time that Christians went on a rampage because someone made a move that was mean to them and people where killed? Just saying.

Day 3 of the Chicago teacher’s union strike. 400,000 kids out of school. Or as Chicago gangs call them ‘Targets of Opportunity’

The Obama Campaign has said that what happened in Libya and Egypt yesterday only happened due to the fact that Romney not releasing his tax forms had hurt Muslim’s religious feelings.

So I am supposed to believe that the premise of Snow White and the Huntsman is that Kristen Stewart is better looking that Charlize Theron?

To the sponsors of RECOIL magazine that are sticking by them. I applaud your courage and commitment to free speech. However I am still not buying anything from you.

I am pretty sure I read somewhere that the Prophet Mohammed once ate a bacon sandwich with kosher pickles on it.

I just got one of the new Propper ICE polo shirts. I swear wearing it is like being hugged by a thousand puppies.

I am at the point that if I want to see a 3D movie it would be more effective to just go watch a play.

I love that security company commercial where they have the cops show up 45 seconds into a home invasion to arrest the scumbags. In my version the cops show up 35 seconds after I have shot them all to help me bag the bodies up.


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