My Idea for Hope and Change

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Fun
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Everyone is hyperventilating over the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts and the upcoming elections this year. I know everyone is also blaming the President for doing too much/not enough and messing/fixing everything up. However, if you really look at how our system of government is structured you will find that most of the blame/credit really falls on the shoulders of congress.

Our present Congress is not how our Founding Fathers envisioned it. If I remember correctly from 7th grade history (remember when they actually taught historical facts and not ‘context’ in schools) Congress took the British Parliament model and made some tweaks. The House of Representative where supposed to reflect the individual make up of the people of the states. Also depending on the census the number of Representatives that the state got to send could grow or shrink with the population. This way where there was more people that could be affected by a law they would have a greater say in the process.

Each state would get two senators. In the Senate each state would have equal representation and a lot more legislative power. Each Senator was to be appointed by the state, not general election. The Senate was to represent the will of the States while the House represented the will of the people. Everything was simple and pleasant. Things got done.

Somewhere along the line, as with most things government, things got all out of whack. The ultimate result is that either Congress gets nothing done, or whatever they do accomplish tends to crush things like Godzilla in Tokyo. So I think some fixing is in order and I have the perfect solution.

Step 1: The Senate- Each state still gets two Senators. However the must always be from different parties. Each state must send one Democrat and one Republican (Third parties don’t count, so all you libertarians fence sitters just take a hike.) That way there will always be an even number of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and either party can’t ram stupid crap down our throats. Also if anything gets done they will have to cooperate to get the votes just like it was set up to do. This also makes the tie breaking VP vote more important. When it comes time to elect a president you would take who he picks as VP more seriously than the jokers we usually get.

Step 2: The House- OK, here it the big radical idea. No more elections for the House of Representatives. We were supposed to vote for Representatives that were the pillars of the community. People that reflected our values and had our interest at heart. Instead we tend to send people to the House mainly to keep them out of our communities. Well, no longer. Instead once every two years each state will go through the voter registration records and send out a Summons for Representative Duty. Just like Jury Duty you would have to go to your local court house and provide a reason why you are not eligible to serve as a State Representative. If you are picked then it is off to Washington for two years. Of course the state will pay for a place to stay while you are there, give you a per diem for meals, and 100 bucks a day for your service. This has to be cheaper than we pay them now. Heck even pass a law requiring your current employer to hold your job for you until you get back, just like Reserve Duty. Then guess what, after your two years you will never have to serve again! Isn’t that awesome.

So that is my idea. I really think this will solve a lot of problems so you are welcome. Now I have to go and figure out how to fix the Supreme Court.

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  2. jole says:

    This is an intelligent alternative to what we have now. Obviously what we have now is better than what the world has to offer; however… it is broken and they seem to like it that way. So then how and to whom are you going to present your plan as a viable alternative to people who are addicted to the way things are?

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